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The Ridgeline Ethos has been forged by over sixty cumulative years of experience in small and midsize businesses and has been notably influenced through direct working relationships with experienced leaders from the Special Forces branches of the US Military.

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Those appropriately combined experiences and insights shape how we operate:

  • Ridgeline succeeds only when the team succeeds; importantly, that success is the team’s success
  • Ridgeline helps organizations and teams develop clear and well-defined missions and objectives
  • From the highest levels of a company to each individual, Ridgeline’s key strength is aligning teams around the organization’s mission and objectives.  We help develop clarity of purpose and roles, for every member of the team. This focused and inclusive approach drives a positive and productive culture and optimal results.
  • Ridgeline believes approachability, relatability and a sense of community among the team members is imperative to success

The Ridgeline Executive Group’s ethos contains a sense of humility, constant innovation, respect and service to teams and team members and is constantly evolving and in search of operational and performance enhancements.